New Handheld Gyro-Stabilized Gimbal System

November 25, 2013

CopterVu, Inc. is introducing its GyroVu [gy•ro• vju:] — a new line of handheld Gyro-Stabilized gimbal system. The system is much sought after by professionals in the Movie & Video Production industry due to its capability of alleviating heavy cinematographic camera systems. The first two models in the line to be introduced are: GyroVu-S capable of carrying and stabilizing camera systems with the weight of up to 8 lb and GyroVu-Pro with the increased capacity of up to 12 lb. Both models are designed and manufactured in Burbank, California, known as the "Media Capital of the World".  Even though GyroVu carring a proud label “Made in USA”, both models are offered at remarkably affordable prices: the GyroVu-S is offered to the public at $2,999 and Gyro-Vu-Pro at $3,999. The large variety of accessories offered for these models include: Stands, Monitor Mounts, Rechargeable Batteries, Smart Chargers, Radio Control and Video Transmission Options and Cables. Both models are available for delivery in December of 2013. The staggering GyroVu is designed and built locally by production professionals and for production professionals and will certainly assist camera operators and videographers in the most challenging production environments.

Recent Videos

Real Estate Commercial

This video was produced for a high end real estate agent who wanted to promote this expensive property located in Beverly Hills. This video is an example of the Platinum Production Package.

Music Video

This Music Video was produced by CopterVu Production Services on the low budget and in two full production days. Recording was provided by talent, post-production took 20 hours.

Nature Scenery

This video of Malibu Beach was produced within a few hours as a test video to demonstrate the capability of aerial videography. Post-Production time - 3 hours.


The company that was producing this Fashion commercial rented our multicopter with a crew for a day. We got permission to use footage obtained with our platform as a demo of the multicopter's range of ability.


Built in 1932 and located in the heart of Los Angeles, The Pilgrim School, needed a short promotional video of school compound. This is an example of the Standard Production Package.


This is an example of our copter carrying RED Epic with Prime 28mm Zeiss lens. Total Useful Payload was 7.4 lb (3.35 Kg). Maneuvering Thrust - 55% of maximum. Total airtime - 15 min (Learn More).